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Lameness treatment in autumn

Lameness treatment in autumn

Lameness of different severity is a topical problem at many dairy farms across Uzbekistan. In autumn BBC+ (Traveling Veterinary Service) team was providing treatment of lameness at “Alisher Chorvador” farm.

Lameness is the cause of considerable losses at a dairy farm!

Generally, it leads to financial losses as the result of productivity decrease and treatment of (chronic) unhealthy cows (See:Cattle lameness and hoofcare.

Thus, the first thing done at Farm 6 was clinical examination of the whole dairy herd that is of 41 head. Lameness was diagnosed in 28 cows. In majority of animals all 4 hooves were affected. These cows were place into separate yard.

As the result of BBC+ work at the farm 20 cows have recovered completely. 8 cows showed positive dynamics to recovery as more severe stage of illness was revealed in these cows and more complex treatment was proscribed.



Alisher Chorvador Farm director Shukhrat-aka was sincerely grateful to BBC+ team for their work at his farm. That’s what he said:

Im deeply grateful to BBC+ team for what youve done at our farm. Thank you for helping us to cope with lameness. When we bought Holstein cows abroad we could hardly suppose that after arriving to our farm in Uzbekistan such severe lameness would start in those cows. I personally was observing your work and was glad to see how well you do it and how seriously you treat each objective. As they say, farmer who doesnt help other farmers is not a real farmer. I will surely recommend you to my friends-farmers. Wish you success in your work!

On the photo you can see BBC+ professional Arkadiy (left) and farm manager Alisher-aka (Shukhrat-akas son).

More information about BBC+ work at this farm you can get from Diary of BBC+. What is Autumn?..., Farm 6.Read>>http://bizplan-uz.com/industries/milk/36693/.

Dear Farmers! If you would like to ask BBC+ specialists some questions or to get consulting, please contact us via +99891 1624209, +99871 1405434 or info@bizplan.uz.

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