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New arrival of milk filters!

New arrival of milk filters!

Dear friends, farmers and dairy good producers!

We are glad to inform you that new filters for fine purification of milk have just arrived to Uzbekistan!

Why to use milk filters?

Filters for fine purification of milk from fibroporous polypropylene:

  • hold up to 98% of mechanical contamination sized 25 microns and more (particle of dirt, manure, insects, etc.);
  • hold up to 60% of somatic cells and mastitis products;
  • improve organoleptic properties of milk;
  • prolong milk shelf life.


- __eng.jpg

Filter parts:reusable body and replacable cartridge

Filter hole is 7 times smaller than a hair (!!!)


Filter cartridge before and after filtrations

High quality raw milk ==> high quality dairy goods

which means that reputation of dairy goods producer on the market increases as well as sales volume which leads to income growth of the entity.

The same situation is with milk producers:

High quality milk -> satisfied customer who is ready to pay for the quality -> income growth


Dear farmers and dairy good producers!

If you’d like to carry out similar experiment or make a test installation of milk filters at your entity, you are welcome to contact us via +99891 1624208, +99890 9292808, +998 71 1405424, mlp@bizplan.uz, sales@bizplan.uz.

Price of Filters[1]



Price for 1 body

Price for 1 cartridge

1 tonnes

10 000

300 000

2 tonnes

15 000

550 000

5 tonnes

35 000

750 000

10 tonnes

68 000

950 000

25 tonnes

120 000

2 300 000

50 tonnes

210 000

3 800 000

100 tonnes

330 000

5 000 000

Moreover, if you are not sure if you need milk filters at your farm or processing plant, you can make test installation absolutely free. You are welcome to contact sales managers.

Principles of operationand importance of installation of filters for fine purification of milk at dairy farms and milk processing plants have been already described in the article“From high quality raw milk to high quality product”.

[1] Prices valid till January 31, 2015.

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