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Accounting and tax accounts outsourcing with 1C: Accounting 8

Accounting and tax accounts outsourcing with 1C: Accounting 8

High demand for bookkeeping by specialized companies is the result of small and medium-sized business development. It is unprofitable for a firm with narrow-skilled staff to have accounting department. Some enterprises are in need of accountants only once a month or a quarter. That is why you may trust our specialists with your company’s accounting routine and save own human resources for other more important business tasks. In our turn, we will provide your company (regardless the form of ownership) with professional bookkeeping activities in strict accordance with laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Does the head of a small enterprise need to study accounting?

If you are the head of a small company, representative office, or production department and the amount of account basic documents is not significant, a reasonable question arises: do you need to study accounting yourself or hire a staff accountant?

Probably, bookkeeping is a burden for you… and its not only about the lack of time for studying the principles of accounting. It is also about the necessity to keep up with the latest changes in the law and account requirements!

For example,

1. Tax rates change once a year.

2. New requirements for submission of statistical and accounting reports.

3. It is required to know payment documents, distinguish between bank codes and other abbreviations common for bank excerpts.

Company executive is usually busy with contract obligations towards clients, endless phone communications, and other things. Thus, there is a necessity in an experienced accountant with moderate remuneration of labor.

In addition, you save money for managing the work place, subscription to special literature, and purchase of reference database.

Temporary accountant instead of regular one

In this case business and tax accounting is carried out by a temporary accountant who organizes accounting documents circulation: invoice, payments, bank excerpts, statistics, and so on. By trusting management functions to specialists, the company does not incur material and technical expenses, decreases tax and accounting risks.

A lot of basic documents on multiple accounts

If you manage the business that has lots of basic documentation on operations involving several accounts with standard accountability, it is probably a good idea to hire temporary accountant.

Theoretically, such type of business should involve at least two accountants: one for basic documents and second as chief accountant. Probably, you may keep the first in staff and the latter on outsource.

What advantages does the company head get from the situation? These are reduction of expenses for workplace, hardware and software, literature, rent of place for an accountant, and there are less mistakes than in case of staff accountant.

Manual bookkeeping using templates

You keep records manually or in MS Excel using templates where you change date, payment sum, recipient details, and so on according to particular requirements.

Do you save all electronic documents, printed copies or originals? Can you find them right away when necessary? Can you carry out quarterly or annual analysis of payments yourself?

Is interest on credit calculated correctly?

How much money did the bank keep for services last quarter or year? When looking through payments daily, the sum seems to be little. Yet when carrying out analysis of all bank fees and payments, some reasons appear for negotiations with bank manager regarding lowering the cost of providing services.

Have you ever checked the correctness of interest charges by banks? Probably, experienced accountants can give you answers for some possible questions in this sphere?

If for the previous questions your answer is “no”, then its time to think about hiring a professional.

Alternatives to outsourcing

Devolving your companys business and tax accounting to a specialized company can be complete or partial depending on company specification, staff experience and size, objectives and budget.

There are three types of cooperation:

1. Professionals conduct all primary documents and submit all statements themselves.

2. You conduct primary documents and professionals submit statements to controlling units.

3. Professionals conduct primary documents (particular segments) and you submit the statements.

You pay only for the work you really need. You economize on wage to staff accountant that is tangible for you companys budget.

At the end of month or quarter (according to periodicity of reports submission) and till the deadline of new accounting submission (till 25th of each month or quarter for quarterly reports and till 15th February for annual reports) experienced accountants come to your office and arrange circulation of documents with MS Excel or 1C: Accounting within several hours.

Advantages of outsourced accounting

By trusting professionals to conduct accounting, you save time on getting information about account condition of budget and non-budget funds. Experienced accountants will help you to save time and money on purchase of renewed forms and will fill them in timely and professionally.

The only thing you have to do is to put your signature and stamp and to submit accounting to tax authority.

Cost of outsourced accounting

You can get preliminary price of outsourced accounting services provided by our company byfilling on-line application. All you need to do is to explain your problem and your business peculiarities briefly. After a thorough analysis of your application, our partners accounting consultants will contact you.

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