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Diary of a Lab assistant. On Ekomilk analyzer and high acidity in milk

Diary of a Lab assistant. On Ekomilk analyzer and high acidity in milk

Cleaning of milking equipment is the most significant single cause of high bacterial counts in raw milk.Milkis an emulsion composed of water, butterfat, protein, sugar, and minerals. Residues left by milk components on milk contact surfaces are known as "soils," which, if not removed on a regular basis, provide a place for bacteria to multiply. The result is low quality milk.

An interesting and illustrative case has happened recently with one dairy farmer and processing plant owner from Keles, Tashkent Region, after he had bought “Ekomilk” analyzer.

ekomilk_acidity_1.jpgKefir,biokefir, yoghurt, sour cream,curds pasta, andkatykare produced at the plant.

Before purchasinganalyzermilk analysis at the farm and production had not been carried out.

Milk got sour very often. In this case it was used for curd production. The producer still bore losses as the curd has been manufactured from skimmed milk and sometimes it was necessary to stabilize it with cream.

Moreover, acidity of cultured milk foods was too high.

ecomilk_acidity_ready_procuct_1.pngHaving made milk analysis we’ve found out that the acidity of raw milk was 21° Turner that is acidity of milk produced at a dairy farm is too high. It is known that milk acidity right after milking is 16 Turner. If considering that there is milk cooling tank at a farm and that the farm itself is located some 500 meters from processing plant, acidity shouldve raise maximum by 2 Turner but by no means by 5 Turner.

After analyzing the data we came to the conclusion thatsanitary conditionof milking machines and milk pipes requires cleaning with special solutions.

After thorough cleaning milk acidity do not exceed 16 Turner.

Moreover, the farmer was not satisfied with butterfat content in milk. The first analysis showed 3%. It was decided to add roughage tofeeding rationwhich led to increase of butterfat content up to 4.1%.

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