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Composite reinforcement

Composite reinforcement

Composite reinforcement is non-metal bars from glass, basalt, carbon or aramid fibers saturated with thermosetting or thermoplastic polymer binder and hardened. Reinforcement made from glass is called fiberglass, from basalt –basalt fiber, from carbon carbon fiber one. read more

Seeding of special plants

Seeding of special plants

Aim of the project: to grow seedings to start pistachio plantation, capers feelds, adornment palms.

Monolit-Diyor Ltd. JV “Fresh Products Company”
read more

Share in operating fruit and vegetables processing business

We offer you to invest into operating fruit, vegetables and greens drying business in Uzbekistan. If the technology is correctly chosen, fruit and vegetables drying is one of the ways of long-term store of products which makes it possible to maintain all useful properties. read more

Cotton mini-combine. Ready industrial sample

The sample is novel, compact, cheap, suitable for mainstream production. The sample is already produced and is evaluated to have good business potential. Im looking for investor as it is a large-scale project. Our company carries out only pilot studies as we dont have opportunity for taking out patents. If we patent it probably the next day some Chinese company make little changes and start mainstream production. Unfortunately, our company doesnt have financial opportunity for starting own mainstream production, spare parts and so on. read more

We will buy capers seeds or seedlings

We will buy capers seeds or seedlings

A foreign investor is planning to invest money into capers growing in Uzbekistan. read more



I’m looking for financing opportunities of my business idea, payback of which is 6 months. Daily net income is 300 USD. I can find large amount of land which will be enough even for regional competitions and so on!!! read more

Fish park

Fish park is a place where fish is grown (trout, carp, grass carp) with paid fishing. Visitors may come and relax near water or at chaykhona (café).
The park is located along the river not far from highway in Bostankyk region, a favourable place for doing business. Total area is 3 hectares. Infrastructure, electricity, water supply, gas, good road. Types and number of buildings: lake for clients to fish 1, special basins for fish growing 10, arbors for clients 15, summer choykhona (café) near the water 1, kitchen 1 (100 sq.m.).
Fish park is cosy for clients and it is located in a picturesque place thus its development is really perspective.
Clients particularly like our dishes from fish and geese.
We are going to widen our business and looking for the investor or we can sell it as a ready business. read more

Lawns growing

Im planning to find land, sow the seed and grow lawn. To start, I need land of 30 hundredth parts, total cost of the project 12 mln. soums, profit 12 mln soums. The product will be ready in 3 months.
Im looking for: land of 30 hundredth parts (fertile land not essential but preferably fenced) with constant power and water supply (drinking water not essential), and start-up capital. read more

We are looking for investors

We will consider offers regarding establishment of regional offices, affiliates of trade firms, producing enterprises and so on in Fergana, Uzbekistan. We will assist in developing your business in our region. We will consider all interesting offers for long-term and mutually mutually advantageous cooperation. read more

Polyethylene waste recycling

Nowadays disposable polyethylene tableware is thrown away which is the reason for accumulation of polyethylene waste near residential communities and lead to ecological disbalance in cities and villages. read more

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