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Art-Focus Design

The whole complex of services for weddings and celebrations. There will be no need to look for services which can organize weddings and celebrations in different places. This will become peoples assistant, will save time and decrease expenses. I offer to unite services for organization of weddings and celebrations, including weddings decorations, dresses, photos, videos, cars. Call for more information.

Ownership: have not yet checked in
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Fergana Region, Furkat Area
Proposed share%: by procuration
Availability of business plan: No
Volume of investment: by procuration
Payback: no business plan
Professional skills of the owner: no
Teaser company Bizplan.uz: No
Contact Person: on mob. +998 94 1330333
E-mail: 941330333@mail.ru
Telephone: +998 94 1330333

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